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Buy to Order

If we don’t have the car in stock that you are looking for then please get in touch.  We offer a buy to order service and we can find the right EV for you.


If this is your first EV and you’re not sure exactly what you want, contact us and we can talk you through the various makes and models available.


Buying a new car can be quite daunting, especially if you are switching to electric from a petrol or diesel.  We completely understand, and we want to make the whole process as comfortable and enjoyable for you as we can.


Trevor had been looking for a BMW i3  -  We were happy to help!

"After several weeks of searching and test driving I was giving up on finding a second hand BMW i3 that met my criteria and budget. Owners tend to hang on to them!


Luckily help was at hand, in the shape of James Guthrie at We Are EV. Introduced to me as “an electric vehicle specialist” I told James what I wanted from a BMW i3. Within 3-4 days he’d found it, bought, inspected and serviced the car and delivered it to the garden gate.


For me it was a chalk and cheese moment - my previous car was a classic Jag XK Convertible, but it’s the best ‘head’ decision I’ve made about a car, that has quickly morphed to a ‘heart’ decision.


James did the hard leg work and negotiated the best deal, I just took delivery.


Best choice ever on both counts."


Trevor Bamford.

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